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Tavoos Art Magazine is a daily online journal published by Iranian Art Publishing founded and directed by Manijeh Mir-Emadi (Nasseri) in 1992. This online journal was created following the pause in the publication of Tavoos Art Quarterly.

Iranian Art Publishing specializes in the publication of fine, high quality bilingual (Farsi and English) art books featuring Iranian artists.

Due to the absence of a specialized journal dealing solely with Iranian art and artists, in 1999, Iranian Art Publishing began publishing the Tavoos Art Quarterly with the aim of presenting a clear picture of Iranian art in the fields of painting, architecture, sculpture, photography, cinema, theater and music. Through a series of analytical articles presented by most renowned scholars in each field, the Quarterly stood as a comprehensive, bilingual encyclopedia on Iranian art.

Six volumes of Tavoos Art Quarterly were successfully published receiving exceptional reviews and feedback from scholars and art enthusiastes worldwide. In March 1999 in a meeting with Federico Mayor, UNESCO General Secretary, he praised the work of Iranian Art Publishing and donated 20 series of this publication to cultural centers in Iran’s neighboring countries.

In 2001, with another six volumes and a few special editions ready for print, due to various reasons the publication of the Quarterly ceased. Following the pause in the publication of Tavoos Art Quarterly, Tavoos website ( was put into operation posting 110 newsletters on a monthly basis and at first only in English. Through this website, Tavoos continued to represent significant art activities of Iranians throughout the world by maintaining its relation with artists, art trainers, art centers, universities, libraries, galleries and museums both inside Iran and abroad.

Recently the site was reconstructed in such a way as to cover art news bilingually (Persian and English) on a daily basis.

The site is designed and organized in the following way:

  • News of Iranian art related activities in Iran and the world: News about major Iranian artistic and cultural activities in the field of visual arts, cinema, theater, music, architecture, photography and cultural heritage are posted and updated daily. This part provides a general view about the art atmosphere and activities of Iranian artists inside and outside the country. The information posted is then archived to provide an annual art calendar for various art fields. The news on art exhibitions throughout the country is announced separately

  • Selected Artists: Introduces you to prominent artists in various art fields. What you find in this section is the artist’s biography, art activities, his/her single and group exhibitions or films, plays and other works accompanied with a corresponding slide show of his/her activities and style. The archived information in itself acts as a growing encyclopedia on Iranian artists.
  • Artists’ Page: This section provides the opportunity to get familiar with other artists (particularly young ones) in all art fields. Like the previous section it includes the artists’ biography, art activities and his/her characteristic style with examples of their works in different periods. It offers a space for Iranian artists to introduce themselves and their works by filling the forms provided in the site. The information will be examined and posted, if appropriate.
  • Profiles: Every other two weeks, depending on artistic events taking place in Iran and abroad, we will host a prominent artist. The information posted here may include a critical analytical review of the artist’s works, perhaps an interview and discussion on art in general and his/her thematic and personal style in particular. In this way, we hope to build up a comprehensive analytical encyclopedia of Iranian contemporary art.
  • Articles: This section is assigned to specialized analytical articles on various artistic and cultural subjects and discussions. Here you will find not only articles written by authors and those contributing to this electronic magazine, but we will also post selected articles published in various printed media about art.


The bilingual Tavoos website intends to turn into one of the most viewed websites about Iranian art and artists.  

Tavoos website appreciates and welcomes all kinds of cultural and artistic exchanges.

Tavoos Site editorial team under the management and chief-editorship of Manijeh Mir-Emadi:
Roya Monajem, Fatemeh Hesami, Maya Vida Baraona

Technical Support Group:

Ali Arshadi, Nima Mehrabani


Zahra Jaberi

Farsi-English translators from the beginning until now:

Claude Karbassi, Media Farzin, Simmindokht Dehghani, Ali Mehran, Arash Aliasghari, Roya Monajem, Maya vida Baraona

Editor Of Farsi Articles In The Past:

Omid Rohani, Mehrnaz Samimi, Roya Monajem

Tavoos is an independent publication not affiliated to any groups or organization with the sole aim of introducing Iranian art and artists.

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