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farima fooladi
1982, Tehran, Iran// Education: MA from University of Art, Tehran, 2012// BA from Al¬¬ Zahra University, Faculty of Art, Tehran 2010// Member of Charsoo Honar visual Art Group since 2005-to present// Selected Group Exhibitions: The 8th Iranian National Biennial of Painting Dec-Jan 2012// ArtBeat Istanbul, Casa dell’arte Gallery, Istanbul, September 2011// Group Print Making Exhibition, Haft Samar Art Gallery, Tehran, June 2011// Painting Group exhibition, digital installation at Art Paris at Le Grand Palais , March 31 - April 3, 2011// Painting exhibition, Seyhoun Art Gallery, Tehran, August 2010// Painting Group Exhibition, Garden Museum of Iranian Arts Gallery, Fall 2009.// Selective Painting Group exhibition of Alzahra's art students. Fall 2008 and Fall 2009// Group exhibition of painting, Aminpour art Gallery.Tehran, Feb 2008// Photo Group exhibition of Alzahra University,Tehran, Dec 2007// Photo Group exhibition entitled “Space, Painting, Photography”, Elaheh Gallery, Tehran, Dec 2007// Drawing Group Exhibition of charsoo honar, Autumn 2006// Festivals: Third Dr. Soundozi Drawing Festival, Winter 2011// 1st Pictorial Arts Festival on Humanitarian Assistance, April 2009// Dr. Soundozi Drawing Festival, Autumn2007// Visual Art festival, Marivan, Iran, Summer 2006// Residency : Casa Dell'Arte // Art Residency #0.2: Stuck in the Middle with You, Bodrum, Turkey, June-July 2011//