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Iranian artisans attending Florence handicrafts exhibit
A delegation of 18 Iranian artisans is participating in the 81st International Handicrafts Trade Fair -- Mostra Internazionale dell' Artigianato, which was inaugurated in Florence, Italy, on 22 April 2017.
Works by Turkish calligrapher Ali Riza Özcan and his fellow miniaturist and illuminator Sehnaz Biçer Özcan are currently on display in an exhibition at the Iranian Book Design Institute in Tehran.
The first edition of the Fajr International Handicrafts and Traditional Arts Festival held from 30 January to 2 February 2017 displayed a world of art power showing how traditional arts break geographical borders.
With the aim of promotion and exaltation of common cultural heritage of ECO region, ECO Cultural Institute will hold the "Global Transcendental Art Project"
Coffee-house painting is an Iranian narrative painting style with epical, religious and festive themes emerging during the Constitution Movement (1906) on the basis of Iranian folklore, epical and religious art traditions.
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Traces of Anciant Egyptian Culture & Civilization
How do legends make use of historic events? What role does the collective memory of nations play in this use?...
The present article is based on published examples of the most famous illustrations of Persian manuscripts. Among these, nearly 140 illustrations from more than 70 manuscripts depict one or more aspects of spring and their origins range from the last decade of the 14th century to the third decade of the 17th. Iranian collective memory traces back the distinct particularities of spring to the era of Kaykavoos, and.....
Shah ‘Abbas I, in a letter to the imprisoned Seal Keeper, Jalal-ed-Din Amir-Beik, unambiguously mentions a significant event of Safavid times, namely the Persians’ efforts at migrating to India...
The Eastern sources of Western art have long been identified. Emile Mâle, Henri Focillon and Jean Baltrusaitis have traced back the major characteristics of this influence to their origins. They have explored the meanders of this river, which has been the feeding source of European art in the Middle Ages and the fountainhead of its prosperity...
Sometimes in the history of art everything seems to be happening everywhere, all at once. The 16th century was like that.
Each year the municipality of Paris, along with the Association for the Friends of the Bagatelle, holds an exhibition to present the relationship between man and his environment, especially his garden.