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14 centuries of Iranian Art & Civilization of the Islamic Era at Khorsan Museum
On the occasion of the selection of Mash-ad as the Capital of Islamic Culture of 2017 Khorasan Great Museum will hold an exhibition titled "14 Centuries of Iranian Art and civilization of the Islamic Era".
The Barcelona-based renowned Argentine architect Willy Muller is scheduled to deliver a lecture about urban paradigms in Tehran on 3 February 2017.
The 35th Fajr International Music Festival awarded the winners of different categories with the Barbad Award at its closing ceremony at Vahdat Hall in Tehran on Friday, 20 January 2017.
Iran cinema won five awards at the closing ceremony of the 15th Dhaka International Film Festival (DIFF) held at the Bangladesh National Museum on Friday, January 20.
A painting exhibition by four Iranian artists is underway at the House of Cantabria in Madrid, Spain.
Art Basel, the giant Swiss art fair, plans to showcase a final photography series from world-renowned Iranian auteur Abbas Kiarostami in an exhibition during its Hong Kong edition in spring.
A number of antique pieces from the prestigious French museum will be displayed in Iran, following the signing of an agreement between custodians of Iran's cultural heritage and France's Louvre Museum.
The Documentary and Experimental Film Center (DEFC) in Tehran has produced ‘Dash Akol,’ an animation based on a short story with the same name written by renowned Iranian writer Sadeq Hedayat (1903-1951).
The first edition of Printmaking Biennial Exhibition at 26 Art Gallery in Tehran opened on Friday, January 20.
The 35th Fajr International Theater Festival opened at Tehran’s theaters last night with tributes to the victims of the Plasco Building collapse.
The 32nd Fajr International Music Festival came to end on Friday night with a big shock over the collapse of the Plasco Building in Tehran after a fierce fire in the 17-storey commercial center on Thursday.
The Third International Congress on Contemporary Middle-Eastern Architecture and Urbanism will be held in February 2017.
"Uncertain States – Artistic Strategies in States of Emergency"
In times of uncertainty, art and culture become free spaces to transform cultural differences and political conflicts. “Uncertain States”, the Academy’s main autumn programme, opens up a space of artistic resistance to the loss of cultural memory, and to violence and xenophobia. .
Recently we have seen a growing interest in realism, which for a long time seemed historically passé. But the notion of realism is not as obvious as it seems. One often understands “realism” to mean the production of mimetic images of “reality.”
Tactically, conceptualism is no doubt the strongest position of the three; for the tired nominalist can lapse into conceptualism and still allay his puritanic conscience with the reflection that he has not quite taken to eating lotus with the Platonists.
One of the consequences of globalization and the deterritorialization of financial capital has been that the decisions that affect world citizens are now made by representatives of a corporate oligarchy untethered from the direct interests of nation-states. Secret negotiations and treaties have taken the place of constitutions and other forms of social contract, becoming the dominant method for managing natural resources, transnational security, copyright, privatization, food autonomy, financial fluxes, drug patents, and so forth.
Preserving historical fabrics in Iran in comparison to western countries is a newly established endeavor. This concern grew in Europe from several years ago and synchronous to modernization of societies. Technological developments in the twentieth century, providing the possibility to generate multiple copies of artworks firstly heralded a new age, in which Art, previously available only to the elite, was taken and brought among the ruck.
In the 1960s and ’70s, politicization meant taking a position, establishing and following a political program, taking up armed struggle, putting one’s skills (including art) at the service of the revolution, fighting in the name of the horizon of state socialism, and acting in solidarity with anti-imperialist and decolonization struggles.
Painters may view scenes in a way that's similar to how the world really is: A mishmash of colors, lines and shapes.
In recent years, in celebration of the Persian New Year, the Tehran Municipality and the Organization of Tehran Beautification have been organizing an annual spring urban art event comprised of art exhibits and installations in public spaces around the city. With each coming year the event has grown larger with a greater number of participating artists and encompassing a wider range of art forms...
Abstract A discerning trait of Persian painting, which differentiates it from the Western style of painting, is the irrefutable resemblance between the male and female figures. Persian painting is closely entwined with Persian poetry and therefore, the primary focus of this study are the illustrations accompanying poems which narrate Persian folklores in order to have portrayals of culturally well-known male and female figures. An attempt is made to compare and demonstrate the similarities between the studies done on Persian literature and metaphor, and the studies done on Persian art...
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Born in 1936 to a prominent dynasty in the ancient city of Neyshapur, in the province of Khorasan, Iran. Iran Darroudi is a revered Iranian painter, director, writer, art critic and university professor. Her paternal family was among well-known merchants in the north-eastern province, while her maternal family were Caucasian merchants, who immigrated to Iran and settled in Mash-had after the Soviet Revolution.


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