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London to exhibit Mir Emad calligraphy

27 Dec 2008

Source:Press TV

A work by Miremaad

t an exquisite work of art by the celebrated Persian calligrapher and master of Nasta'liq style, Mir Emad.

 “The 20×30 double-diagonal-script is written in Nasta'liq style and is beautifully illuminated on the margins,” explained Eshrat Shayeq director of Tehran's Sa'adabad Cultural Complex which houses the artwork.

“The 17th-century calligraphy work was unveiled on Mir Emad's 400th birth anniversary at Sa'adabad Museum,” added Shayeq.

The unique artwork will be displayed at the Exhibition of Safavid Artworks in Europe, to be held in February 2009 in London.

Considered one of the best creations of Mir Emad, the manuscript has been displayed in numerous national and international exhibitions.

Mir Emad (1554-1615) is known as the most celebrated Persian calligrapher, whose Nasta'liq works have been housed in numerous museums around the world.

Nasta'liq, the most attractive Persian calligraphy style, was broadly used in copying romantic and epic Persian poetry and literary manuscripts.