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Scraps By Dariush Zandi & Shaqayeq Arabi


April 11, 2009
Source: Total Art

The exhibition is a memorial to an event composed by found objects and photographs from a local disaster in Al Quoz’s neighborhood happened in March 2008.
March 10 to April 20 2009, Total Arts showcases photographs and found objects untitled "Scraps". Toothbrushes, scissors and bicycle pumps are conglutinated in sculpturesque forms. A burnt generator resembles a bird cage. Other artifacts have been given a new meaning when they became part of installations by Dariush Zandi and Shaqayeq Arabi. An installation of twenty-five generators recalls the skyline of cities. Another installation of burnt knives could be aesthetic wallpaper. One year after the brutal explosion of an Al Quoz warehouse, the ferocity of the fire and sense of tragedy arouse this series of work. An intense smell of burned rusted metal and plastic was the permanent companion during the four months of excursions of the artists; ashes and smoke filled the air like in a ruin. Masses of twisted metal were pilled up in a disintegrated state of deformation resembling a memorial of considerable size in a state of decay. Being death still it evoked the sense of devastation and massive destruction. “Scraps” commemorates this moment of shock. The scale of this event and impact on our life startled the artists. On the site of the explosion they discovered that something had been devastated but something new did arose from the ruins. Objects had been transformed through natural and human forces and given a new meaning. Set into the context of the gallery the found objects received a new dimension not only material wise but also in meaning and value. As spouses and artistic collaborators, photographer and architect Dariush Zandi and artist Shaqayeq Arabi shared and followed this principle of re-use and metamorphosis of object in previous installations and works.