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The UK Iranian Film Festival
 August 25 ,2010

The UK Iranian Film Festival
(UKIFF) is the 1st Iranian Film Festival to take place in the UK. Film festivals that honour Iranian films are held annually across the globe and now the time has finally arrived for an Iranian Film festival to have a permanent home in the United Kingdom. The festival includes special events, which will take place in various cities every year.

UK Iranian Film Festival (UKIFF) is a non-political, film-focused organization that aims to provide a stimulating and inspiring alternative to the film experience, alongside praising and promoting the art of filmmaking.

The founder and directors of UKIFF, together with the dedication and the hard work of industry professionals and support staff, have worked to make this project become the most prestigious celebration of Iranian cinema in the UK.

UKIFF is to be held in collaboration with several international partners, and aims to stimulate the cultural diversity in the UK.

Our mission is to serve as a platform for the promotion of the inclusion of Iranian elements, with the ultimate display being 'London Iranian Film Festival 2010'. The UK Iranian Film Festival is the first one of its kind to take place in the UK!

How to Submit?

UKIFF is calling for entries for the 1st Iranian Film Festival in the UK. Submissions are welcomed from all around the world:

In order to submit a film to the Festival, follow the procedure below: 

1) Register on our Website 
2) Fill in the relevant online application form: Short FilmFeature film or Documentary
3) Send a copy of your preview DVD to the following address:

The Submissions Team UK Iranian Film Festival 
Suite 111, Cumberland House 
80 Scrubs Lane 
NW10 6RF

What to Submit?

You can submit a film in any style, genre and on any subject. Films can be any one of the three categories:

  • Feature - a film more than 60 minutes in length
  • Documentary - a film no longer than 3 hours
  • Short - a film no longer than 30 minutes

UKIFF will consider all entries including animation films, as long as the film has consistent Iranian elements, whether the themes explore Iran, the culture or the people.

Why Submit?

This is great chance for professionals and amateurs, to all have their creative works publicly premiered, to network and discuss future projects with a wide range of professionals in the film industry. UKIFF is giving 'you', the passionate filmmaker; regardless of age, experience or location, the equal opportunity to submit your work. There is no submission fee to pay when submitting your film(s), so you can put your time, money and energy into making the best film possible.

When to Submit?

  • Early Deadline 29/08/2010
  • Regular Deadline 06/09/2010 Late
  • Deadline24/09/2010

For information regarding submission procedures, please read the Submission guidelines. Once your submissions is completed you will receive a confirmation email, notifying you that we have received your application and entry.

PLEASE NOTE: UKIFF will not accept entries without a complete press kit. If selected, the film maker will need to provide the original copy of the film. If you have any further questions regarding submissions, please contact us: