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UK to stage Iranian play
October 3, 2010
Source: Press TV
Iranian theater director Mehrdad Rayani-Makhsous is slated to stage his latest play Human Is Human in two British cities in the near future.

Liverpool's Kolectiv Theatre and Manchester's Exchange Theatre will stage the play for 20 nights each in mid November and late December respectively.

Written and directed by Rayani-Makhsous, Human Is Human is currently being performed by three British and one Iranian actor at the Tehran City Theater Complex.

Members of the Manchester-based Kolectiv Theatre Company Krystyna Musiol, Robin Sidwell and Wayne Jackson have joined Iranian actress Sepided Mazaripour for the performance.

Human Is Human is inspired by German playwright Bertolt Brecht's Man's a Man and recounts the story of an animal who is locked up in a mental institution and eventually transforms into a woman.

A PhD research student at the University of Manchester, Rayani-Makhsous is a former director of the Tehran City Theater, a member of the academic staff of Tehran's Azad University and a board member of the National Theater Critics Association of Iran.

He has written 20 plays, six of which were published. He is also the director of the 2nd MAH National Theatre Festival -- the second largest theatre festival in Iran.