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Iranian graphic designs selected at Trnava Poster Triennial

Date: September 16
Sourec: Tavoos & Press TV 

The 2012 edition of Trnava Poster Triennial (TPT) in Slovakia has selected a number of participated Iranian posters to vie in final section of the competition.

1,240 posters from 33 countries have been submitted to the competition, and about 124 works belong to the Iranian artists. 

The event comprises 3 different categories: A (professional), B (student) and C (junior). 

The jury of this year’s competition has selected 16 Iranian graphic designers for the A (professional) section: Mohammad Afshar, Roshan Ali Panahi, Mahsa Behfar, Mahdi Fatehi, Najmeh Famil Dashti, Kianoosh Gharibpour, Hamed Hakimi, Kourosh Jeddi, Mahdi Kiani, Mehdi Mahdian, Ebrahim Poustinchi, Mehdi Saeedi, Morteza Shamissa, Sara Shahabi, Nazanin Tammadon and Houshyar Zaheryani.

The 7 selected artists for the B (student) section are: Erfan Kamali, Maryam Khaleghi, Ali Omrani, Massoud Aghaee, Issa Moghaddam, Fatemeh Bahri Nejad and Alireza Mobaraki.

Trnava Poster Triennial 2012 is a public, non-anonymous international competitive exhibition of posters and complimentary copies. 

Organized by Jan Koniarek Gallery in Trnava and the Trnava Self-governing Region, the exhibition is slated to run from November 9, 2012 to February 3, 2013. 

This year’s award ceremony of the exhibition is scheduled to be held on November 9, 2012.