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Iranian tar virtuoso Saket and vocalist Aghili to go on stage in Tehran


Date: May 12, 2014

Source: Iran Daily
Keyvan Saket, a virtuoso on the traditional Iranian instrument ‘tar’ will join vocalist Salar Aqili in a concert at Tehran’s Milad Tower on May 21, 2014.
A great orchestra will perform Iranian and foreign musical instruments, said Saket who will conduct the orchestra.
“Other than pieces which we always perform in our concerts, we will present new songs that will appeal to our fans.”
“We were supposed to feature folkloric music in the concert. However, this has been postponed to our upcoming performance on June 12.”
Alireza Khorshidfar (contrabass), Siavash Zahireddini and Sohrab Berahmandi (viola), Majid Sinaki (flute), Ali Khadem (tonbak) and Mehdi Gholami (daf) are among the instrumentalists.
Referring to his future plans, Saket said he will address a ceremony to commemorate the late musician Parviz Meshkatian in Isfahan.
Saket has pushed the boundaries of traditional Iranian music to new and breaking grounds through his creative arrangements of well-known western classical music, using traditional Iranian instruments such as the ‘tar’ and ‘setar’. These innovative works include pieces such as Mozart’s colorful ‘Symphony No. 40’ and Brahms’ ‘Hungarian Rhapsody’.