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Tehran gallery to host exhibition of works by Hannibal Alkhas`s students


Date: June 13, 2015


Students of the veteran Iranian painter and sculptor Hannibal Alkhas (1930–2010) are displaying their latest works in an exhibit at Laleh Gallery. 


The exhibition showcases works by artists such as Reza Bangiz, Bahram Dabiri, Rozita Sharafjahan, Taraneh Sadeghian, Niloufar Ghaderinejad, Ahmad Vakili, Ali Nedaee, Nasser Mohammadi, Masoud Saadeddin, Katayoun Moghaddam, Hadi ziaeddini, Hamed Sahihi, and others.

The exhibit, which is being held in memory of the Assyrian artist, will run until June 21 at the gallery located on Fatemi St., near Laleh Park.


Source: Tehran Times