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Iranian Youth Music Festival Closing Ceremony and Winners


Date: September 12, 2015

This Year’s Iranian Youth Festival came to an end in a closing ceremony at Tehran’s Talar Vahdat on Friday September 11, 2015.

Close to 250 young musicians participated in this festival which was held in two main sections of classical and traditional Iranian music.

Over 1,000 entries were submitted to the event's secretariat, of which 619 works pertained to traditional Persian music.

"Traditional Persian music was held in eight sub-categories, including seven instrumental and a vocal section," he said.

The competition was held in three age groups ranging from 10-27 years old.

In the classical section, the highest number of instrumentalists played the piano, violin and guitar, while in the traditional section santur, tar and setar were mostly present.

Tehran's Vahdat Hall and Artists House hosted the festival.

Source: Iran Daily/Tavoos