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Discovery of a Unique Sassanid Building near Persian Gulf

Date: 8 March 2017

Excavations in Tonb-e Pargan a site on a hill in the city of Bastak uncovered a Sassanid-era edifice with unknown application.

According to Ali Asadi, the head of the excavation, the site and the monument is located 35km north of Persian Gulf waters. The edifice was uncovered after two seasons of excavations in the site. “The circular building with a major circle was built using 20 same size stone piers, and it seems that in the center there had been a domed space. Under the dome, there is a circular column made of stone and Plaster of Paris, artfully built in the center of the building.”


“The building covers an area of 230 square meters and the edifice is circumscribed by an earthen brick parapet; it had been used up to the end of the Sassanid era and then was abandoned. The building is unique in that it has no known application; possible applications are assumed to be for ritual, astrological or scientific purposes. No similar building has been found in the entire Middle East and North Africa.”


“The circular mound of Tonb-e Pargan can be accessed by the public from south of Bastak; this probably served as part of a greater observatory complex. Before excavations, traces of a ditch were detectable around the mound which was the main impetus for excavation.

Hormozgan Province has around a thousand ancient historical sites from 5000 years to the Pahlavi Era

The town of Bastak where Tonbe Pargan is located is 220Km west of Bandar Abbas.

Source: Financial Tribune