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Vancouver gallery to exhibit works by Iranian photographers

               Photo by Mina Iranpour 
Date: December 10
Source: Tavoos

Caroun Photo Club (CPC) in Canada will be playing host to the 2012 edition of Annual Photography Exhibition which will kick off on December 15, 2012 in Vancouver.

The exhibition will put on display works by:

Amir Jam, Farhad Varasteh, Kaveh Rasouli, Keighobad EsmaeilPour, Masoud Soheili, Mina Iranpour, Minoo Iranpour, Mohsen Seifi, Parivash Hesabi, Sahar Seyedi, Shahriar Davachi...

Annual Photography Exhibition 2012 will run till December 28, at Caroun Photo Club (CPC), in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Caroun Photo Club is a member of the "Canadian Association for Photographic Art" (CAPA) and "Photographic Society of America" (PSA).

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